THe Creative TALENT

Who we are

A group of London painters,  alumni from The Essential School of Painting. 

Fatemeh Bagherian

Fatemeh's life long expertise comes from both paint and graphic design. Her imaginary paintings are created by looking at surfaces as a way into deep imagination. She draws on distant memories to create some unusual yet based on reality narratives. She is also the founder of our sketching group. 

Deborah Burnstone

Enriched by a dedicated and multi faceted arts bio, Deborah currently makes paintings that come from attentiveness to place and people. Key to developing this attentiveness is her drawing practice which she strongly believes 'can distil a spontaneous response to experience'.

Gabrielle Eber

A painter of daily scenes, Gabrielle is interested in the technical application of paint and the use of colour as a way to create atmosphere and evoke an emotive response. 

Tanya Goodman Bailey

From a healing arts background, Tanya is curious about the therapeutic effect of paintings.  There is a settled expansive state that happens in both gazing at a painting and meditation which she is presently evolving in her work. Tanya is also curator and creator of the Primed Canvas Group

Gillian Harding

After a career in textile design, Gillian is focussing on painting and printmaking. She depicts nature and people enjoying green spaces. She uses an array of media such as ink, oil paint and collage.

Emma O'Rourke

Working with archival material and narrative to explore Irish culture, motherhood and the human condition, Emma's practice sheds light on the themes of dependency, belonging and displacement as physiological states. Her drawings and paintings delicately assemble often indistinguishable forms - otherworldly beings eager to find their place.

Gwen Ovshinsky

Contemporary events, both political and personal, are a key source of ideas for Gwen's paintings.   Interested in using expressive modes of form and colour to inform her figurative paintings, she draws on alternative painting traditions. 

image credit: 

  • Fatemeh by Deborah Burnstone   

  • Deborah by Gillian Harding

  • Self by Gabrielle Eber

  • Self by Tanya Goodman Bailey

  • Self by Gillian Harding

  • Emma by Jo Martin

  • Self by Gwen Ovshinsky