next Speed Sketch Night 6th June 

Speed Sketching Clubs

Primed Canvas was formed by a group of artists who meet weekly to sketch around London. 

Speed sketching someone on a timer is a great warm up. Be prepared to also be sketched too.  Sessions become longer throughout the evening. 

A great way to refresh or learn new  skills, have fun, create and be seen, sketch and connect.  Please bring your own materials. Some materials provided.

Downstairs at the Kings Head, Crouch End

6th June  6-8pm  Free Event


Norman Bailey joins the Primed Canvas Group

Part of our ethos is to welcome communities  to express and create.  Norman brought to us our first venue bid and will help advise us on both commercial ventures and social outreach.

Clearly a polymath,  Norman draws from decades in the visual arts and entertainment as an artist, former gallery owner, vocal coach to West End singers and creative support to neurodivergent film and theatre actors.

He is artistic director of a community arts company, Seven Winds CIC that upskill and mentor people in film and TV. 

Coincidentally, he is married to Tanya Goodman Bailey, the creator of this group.

Why not?

You like an artwork. Now what?

You have browsed our website, you may even have come to a show.  You spotted a work that you are desperate to cycle home with. It has literally taken your breath away so now it's time to wait a bit before getting back on the bike. 

And then, there it is. How to convince the inner critic and head of budget control? 

Daunted by prices and financial crisis, fret not! We are working on simple payment methods and other intriguing ways to own or rent original paintings or purchase prints. But for now,  just send us an email to register your interest. Please be sensible: don't text and cycle!